About the Crunchy Curator

You know how you have a baby, and all of a sudden you’re trying to research a billion things like how to take care of a baby, and make healthyish food, and keep your house clean enough to not cause injuries? And you try to look like you haven’t given up by wearing “outside clothes” (you now say “outside clothes”) when you go out and tying your hair up just so to hide the fact that you haven’t washed it in a week?

Well, fortunately we have the Internet. Access to a bazillion parenting tips and DIY instructions from parents who seem to have their shit together with organic meal plans and educational activities and homemade toothpaste and potty-trained 1-year-olds. Some of this stuff is really helpful. Some of it is insane. I have spent a lot of time researching good options for people who want to use mostly natural products (in a realistic, economical way) and DIY where it makes sense. In my experience, families with newborns and toddlers and jobs and human members do not have the time or finances to live a completely organic, 100% homemade life.

There is enough good information out there already. You just need to find it. Here is what I have found, through trial and error and hours of research at ungodly hours (remember sleep? Sleep was nice.). Carefully curated and kind of crunchy, this is what works for us and it might for you too.