One really helpful resource that I discovered in my search for all things crunchy was Mountain Rose Herbs ( When I’ve been particularly ambitious with skin care DIY (mostly when I was pregnant and freaking out about anything I used on my skin. And on the floors. And in the air.), I have made lotions and cleansing oils out of their shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, a number of different oils and beeswax. After having babies, I had less time to be crazy and just about enough time to occasionally wipe some sort of moisturizer on my one foot using my other foot, so that I wouldn’t have to spend the time it takes to wash my hands after wiping lotion on my feet. #keepingthingsclassy.

They sell a huge variety of teas and oils and nut and seed butters and other things that I didn’t think too much about before trying to make my own lotions. After trying their products out a few times, I’m happy to recommend them.

When I have really dry skin, the mango butter is amazing. It has no scent (it’s made from mango seed), and is really healing for super dry spots. I’ve used it on my very dry feet (which after months of neglect, my husband affectionally refers to as “hooves”. ah love.). It works really well.

I like using both shea and mango butter as a moisturizer on my little guys (my sons, not my feet…I mean, also my feet, but I’m not calling my feet “my little guys”. That would be crazy. Also hooves might be more accurate, they’re not my best feature). The cocoa is very moisturizing too, just a little harder to work in sometimes, particularly in the winter when it gets really solid. Also has a chocolaty-scent, which is nice, but if you prefer no scent or want to add essential oils, I’d go with the mango or shea.

Oil does go further so I keep the butters for the really dry months or dry spots (elbows, hands, feet). Avocado, olive, sweet almond and jojoba oils are all good choices, coconut isn’t for everyone and not quite as moisturizing. Always be sure to check on a small patch of skin to make sure you or your kids don’t react badly to anything you try.

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